Hole punch press J21S-63 Open deep hydraulic punch press machine

Cartref / Cynhyrchion / Hole punch press J21S-63 Open deep hydraulic punch press machine

Disgrifiad o'r Cynnyrch

J21,J23 Power press machine

1. The frame is of all steel construction, fabricated from Rolled steel plates with suitable cross ribbings. Presses up to 30T will be supplied with C.I. legs. proper alignment of the frame is ensured by machining.

2. The clutchis of pin/rolling key-type. the clutch is rigid and well supported. the clutch gives continuous strokes for mass production.

3. Crank shaft is made of special alloy steel machined to close accuracy and fitted in bronze bushes for smooth working, longer life & accuracy .

4. Properly sized flywheel, is made of high grade cast iron, for storing and releasing adequate energy for the pressing operations, and properly balanced for smooth running.

5. Table and fam are made pf high grade heavy duty cast iron & properly seasoned. They are perfectly aligned, to each other to obtain high accuracy & precision press operation.

6. Mae gêr wedi'u castio neu wedi'u gwneud o ddur. Mae dannedd gêr yn cael eu cynhyrchu gan beiriant hobio manwl gywir.

7. An efficient shot luvrication system has been provided for lubricating the sliding surfaces and moving parts. The lubricant is applied by hand pump.

8. Position by spanners within minutes. the press ils so designed that even in maximum inclined position, it is stable under heavy pressing load.


Manylion Delweddau


Mechanical flywheel                                                                                     Work bench


Manual Slide Adjustment                                                                            Manual control panel