China new product fiber laser welding machine for weld the metal materials

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Delweddau Manwl


Laser generator
1000W BWT'S laser, long warranty of three years
High quality beam, high power stability, stable system
20μm fiber core diameter, higher electro-optical conversion efficiency

Oscillating welding held
Customizable 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm weld channel width
Special welding nozzle, can achieve any part, angle welding
Infrared positioning, more accurate welding position

Dual temperature chiller
Intelligent temperature control, compressor cooling
LED screen, temperature display at all times
Simple to operate, stable performance, energy-saving and efficient

Fiber optic cable
Extra-long branded fiber optic transmission line for long-distance operation, wide range, flexibility and convenience


Significant advantages of handheld laser welding:

* Different welding of non-standard metal parts, manual welding is more flexible;
* Perfect welding quality, small deformation, high penetration depth, no weld penetration;
* A variety of welding processes, spot welding, seam welding, welding, etc.;
* High welding efficiency, replacing traditional TIG welding equipment;
* The largest welding benefit cost, no consumables energy saving and environmental protection.

Wildly used in cabinet kitchen and bathroom, stair elevator, shelf, oven, stainless steel door and window guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel home.

Working Results


EitemParamedrau Weldiwr Laser Ffibr Llaw
Pŵer Laser1000W, 1500W, 2000W
Generadur LaserIPG, JPT, MAX, Raycus
Pen Weldio LlawPen simsan / Pen arferol
Gwifren ar gyfer weldio (diamedr)0.3mm - 1.2mm
Treiddiad Weldio1.5mm - 2mm

Gallu Weldio

Dur di-staen: 4mm - 6mm

Dur carbon: 4mm - 6mm

Alwminiwm: 2mm - 4mm

Amlder Laser50Hz - 5000Hz
Pŵer Addasadwy5% - 100% - 2000mm, Hyd: 3000 - 6000mm
Ansawdd Beam1.1
foltedd220V / 380V 50Hz
Hyd Cebl Ffibr10 metr ( addasadwy )
System OeriWedi'i adeiladu mewn peiriant oeri dŵr
Oerydd dŵrDŵr pur neu ddŵr distyll
Maint Peiriant930x600x800mm
Pwysau Peiriant200 kgs