1000w 1500w handheld fiber laser welding machine high productivity laser welders cost

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The new technology high-power handheld fiber laser welding Equipment shows great advantages on stainless steel and aluminum welding comparing to the normal welding methods. It is flexible and convenient to weld by hand, and the welding scope up to 10meter. widely used in the advertising sign making, kitchen products welding, doors windows production welding, etc. And it even makes it possible to use the welding machine in outdoor projects. More and more welder will pick the fiber laser welding machine to replace the normal electric welding and argon arc welding.

1. Equips with 1000w - 3000w fiber laser source, New technology with the high electro-optical conversion efficiency
2. Free Maintenance, no adjustment, low energy consumption, save processing costs
3. Small compact design, built-in water cooling, flexible and convenient hand-held welding, and can realize outdoor welding.
4. Hand-held Wobble Welding Head, equipped with 10 meters long fiber cable,It can weld all kinds of complex workpieces, larger workpieces, and irregularly shaped workpieces at any angle.
5. Oes hir Rhychwant hyd at 100,000 o oriau gwaith.
6. Mae'n arbennig o addas ar gyfer weldio uwch-denau na ellir ei weldio gan weldio arc argon ac mae ganddo effaith weldio dda;
7. Yn hawdd i'w ddefnyddio, ar ôl hyfforddiant byr ac ychydig o weithiau ymarfer, gallwch chi hawdd ei ddefnyddio i weldio'r dur.

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Laser Welding Machine is widely used in mobile phone battery shell, electronic components, mobile communication, precision equipment, hardware products, automotive accessories, glasses, clocks, jewelry, medical equipment, thermal cups, wine pots, kitchens and other industries.

Maximum Laser Power
The Laser Wavelength
Operation Model
Laser Welding Depth
Wobble Welding Head
Spot Size (1.0-3.0mm option)
Power Regulation
Wire Feeding System
Positioning System (GPS)
Red light indication
Power Demand
220V/50HZ/60HZ, 380V/50HZ/60HZ
Cooling Mode
Oeri Dŵr
The Whole Machine Consumes Power
The Whole Machine Size
 WLH (1200*700*1200mm)


1. The weld seam is smoothe and beautiful, it doesnot need to be polished or the workboard of the polish is very small.

2. Through control the laser energy, the welding will not defrom or very few deformation.

3. Handheld laser welding machine is easy to handle and needn't to require the professional welders.

4. The wobble welding machine can handle the hard welding material easily, such as aluminum, brass.

5. Long life span up to 100,000 hours and low comsumption.

6. the Auto wire feeding handheld welding machine can weld parts with wider gap.

7. With a 8-15m fiber line, It can weld long-distance and large- area parts.

8. Various welding processes, such as spot welding, seam welding and overlap welding.

9. The welding efficiency is around 5 times of TIG welding.

10. It is welding used in electronics, sheet metal, air condiction industry etc.